VOA Tibetan broadcasters will be fired so friends from CNN can get on government payroll


“We learned this week that no one will be hired from the outside without approval from the 3rd floor. Also this week, a friend of Steve Redisch’s, a former CNNer and a POV, did a formal interview for a GS-13 job, called multi-media executive producer, answering directly to David Ensor.
Let me repeat that, despite the fact that they have announced RIFs and are identifying people who will be RIFed, they are still interviewing friends of Redisch’s for staff jobs at VOA.”
Shameless. Outrageous.

Stop Voice of America radio broadcasts to Tibet, send several VOA Tibetan and Cantonese Service broadcasters and dozens of VOA English programmers and others to the unemployment office, and more former CNN friends of Steve Redisch’s can get high-paying government jobs for life because BBG and VOA executives would not even think about eliminating positions of their friends. They will be forever safe as federal employees.
With more and more friends from CNN and other places looking for secure jobs and more and more positions needed, more and more foreign language and English broadcasters need to clear out.
No wonder more and more foreign language and English programs need to be eliminated to “save money in the period of tight budgets.”
Save money? Not for American taxpayers unless they happen to be friends of VOA, IBB and BBG executives.