Workforce is non federal, but bloated bureaucracy isn't


So the Broadcasting Board of Governors says privatizing VOA is “not on the table.” but VOA’s Mr. King says contractors could do the work if needed with no loss in quality. Looks like VOA management has found a way to do it through thru the backdoor even if the Board of Governors says it’s not feasible and Congress hasn’t been consulted.
Scenario: Tout your plans to RIF 200 or so federal employees, scaring the hell out of the workforce. There will be resignations galore and those who leave will be replaced by contractors.
Pay these contractors a pittance, with no health insurance and other benefits. The new workforce is non federal. But the bloated bureaucracy isn’t.
Poof … what a concept! Management can now give itself another raise and some obscene bonuses at the end of the year. Dont ya just luvit?