Director Lobo, who's minding the store?


IBB Director Richard Lobo

IBB Director Richard Lobo

Having kept in place (true: some even got promoted) the worst management team (true) in the federal government, you would think that the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB – part the Broadcasting Board of Governors – BBG) Director Richard Lobo would be constantly checking on his managers to make sure they don’t screw up again. Lobo, however, does not seem to be too worried.
Sure, his managers can’t pay government bills on time (contract employees have to wait sometimes several months for their checks), but Lobo thinks they are doing just fine. He likes them so much in fact, that he recently defended his decision to give them large bonuses. He does not seem to be too worried about employee morale at the IBB/BBG, even though it is at the lowest level within the federal government.
Just to show that things are going extremely well, Lobo now decided that he can turn his attention elsewhere and let his excellent management team prove that they can function well even when he is busy somewhere else. Director Lobo has accepted an appointment from the U.S. ambassador to Germany, Philip Murphy, to serve on the RIAS Berlin Commission, a bi-national organization that promotes German-American understanding in the field of broadcasting. Forgive us for not rejoicing.
We wonder how much of his time will this job take? Who will respond to Governor Ashe’s request for a report on the treatment (or should we say mistreatment) of contract employees? Who will make sure that contractors and invoices are paid on time?
Will it be the same managers who have created these problems in the first place? Remember, Director Lobo kept the same management team rated by their own employees as the worst in the federal government.
We also wonder who will pay for his travels to Germany? Will it be RIAS, IBB or Director Lobo himself? We would be greatly surprised if he uses his own money.
But the main question is who will be minding the store when Director Lobo goes to Berlin or immerses himself in the RIAS issues? BBG employees deserve better managers and a more engaged IBB Director.
BBG Press Release
Friday, 20 January, 2012
Richard Lobo joins RIAS Berlin Commission
January 20, 2012, Washington, DC — Richard Lobo has been appointed by the U.S. ambassador to Germany, Philip Murphy, to the RIAS Berlin Commission, a bi-national organization that promotes German-American understanding in the field of broadcasting.  With historic roots tied to “Radio in the American Sector” of Berlin following World War II and founded in 1992, the Commission’s mission today is to promote the exchange of persons and information in the field of broadcast journalism between Germany and the United States. 
“I am honored to join this bi-national commission which fosters excellence in our profession of broadcast journalism as well as transatlantic understanding,” Lobo said. “The great history of RIAS reinforces the undeniable value of balanced news and information historically in Germany as well in today’s volatile international climate,” he added.
The Commission consists of ten members, five from Germany and five from the U.S.  
Since 1994, a total of 1,201 American and German journalists have participated in RIAS’s unique transatlantic professional exchanges.  In addition, the RIAS Berlin Commission annually presents awards for radio, TV and Internet productions that make special contributions to mutual understanding between the people of Germany and the United States. 
Lobo is the Presidentially-appointed, and Senate-confirmed Director of the International Broadcasting Bureau, and operates as an extension of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) in its oversight of U.S. international broadcasting.  He provides day-to-day management of BBG operations including oversight of the technical, professional, and administrative support as well as strategic guidance and management of other programs. Additionally, Lobo serves as the principal liaison for the Board with other U.S. government agencies, foreign governments and private-sector organizations.
For more information about the RIAS Berlin Commission visit
The Broadcasting Board of Governors is an independent federal agency, supervising all U.S. government-supported, civilian international broadcasting, whose mission is inform, engage, and connect people around the world in support of freedom and democracy. BBG broadcasts reach an audience of 187 million in 100 countries. BBG networks include the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the Middle East Broadcasting Networks (Alhurra TV and Radio Sawa), Radio Free Asia, and the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (Radio and TV Marti).


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