Victor Ashe welcomes resignation of Steven Korn as necessary for RFE/RL to survive


BBG member Victor Ashe

Victor Ashe

The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) member Ambassador Victor Ashe welcomed the resignation of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty president Steven Korn as necessary for RFE/RL to survive.
Ambassador Ashe told reporters:

“Korn’s departure was necessary for the survival of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL). He was feared and disliked by most employees. His self serving letter of resignation sets a new standard for arrogance and delusion. His hiring was a terrible mistake we will spend years recovering from.”

“This has been a nightmare for many at RFERL especially in Moscow but also in Prague. I look forward to working to re-estblish fairness and respect for dissent at the RFE/RL family,” Ashe added.

Korn’s resignation was accepted by the RFE/RL corporate board which consists of BBG members. His resignation is to be effective January 25, 2013, but the board has already stripped him of the authority to fire any more employees.



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    Radio Liberty in Exile journalists add new features to their “New Liberty” website, get attention from BBG « BBG Watch 9 January, 2013 at 06:51 Reply

    […] Most BBG members initially believed to some degree Korn’s claims that the fired team lacked vision, talent and new skills and were treated with respect, but as a result of BBG Watch reports, protests from Russia and the U.S. and their own investigation, they have now realized that Korn and his top deputies, RFE/RL vice president of content Julia Ragona and vice president of administration Dale Cohen, have mislead them on a number critical issues. The human rights Moscow Group chairwoman Lyudmila Alexeeva said that even repugnant Russian capitalists treat their employees better than Mr. Korn. She witnessed the dismissals first hand at the RFE/RL bureau in Moscow. BBG member Victor Ashe said that Korn’s “self serving letter of resignation sets a new standard for arrogance and delusion.” […]

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