Cancelation of Voice of America China and Taiwan TV Worries Critics of VOA Management

FILE - The U.S. Agency for Global Media logo at Voice of America, in Washington, D.C., Nov. 22, 2019. (VOA)

VOA cancels Chinese-language programs on Taiwan, and critics say the official broadcaster is softening Voice of America China and Taiwan coverage, Bill Gertz writes in The Washington Times.

USAGM Watch Commentary

Voice of America is canceling two Chinese-language programs focused on the standoff between China and Taiwan in a move critics say signals a softening of the broadcaster’s coverage of communist China.

VOA spokeswoman Anna Morris confirmed the program changes but downplayed the notion that they represent a curtailing of China coverage. Instead, she said, they are part of a larger effort by VOA‘s Mandarin language service to shift from traditional television to digital platforms.

Former VOA White House and foreign correspondent Daniel Robinson said he is skeptical of the explanation for the program cancellations against a backdrop of questionable USAGM management decisions…


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