ROBINSON and ELLIOTT on Reforming USAGM in Charge of Voice of America, Other USG Media


USAGM Watch Media Commentary

The Biden Choice on USAGM: Business as Usual, or Major Change. By Dan Robinson, CPD, November 13, 2020

Whatever President-elect Biden ends up doing, he should understand that despite the cheer leading in recent years by USAGM and BBG officials, this is one sick puppy of an agency, beset just in recent years by ongoing morale problems, technical inefficiencies, and more recently revelations of political bias by federal employees. READ MORE

U.S. international broadcasting: Rebuilding the firewall in the new administration. By Kim Andrew Elliott, The Hill, November 20, 2020

In the meantime, Biden could create an advisory panel. It would consist of respected journalists and media executives, with international experience, representing a spectrum of political orientations. Such a panel would be better off without commentators, pundits, political strategists and public relations flacks, as important as those professions are. Members should not be so high in their corporate management chains that they don’t have time to attend meetings or to participate in the work of the board. READ MORE