BBG Watch reaches 1.5 million hits


USG Broadcasts - BBG WatchBBG Watch website has passed the 1.5 million hits mark since it was launched in September 2010.
We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our readers, contributors and supporters.
Thanks to your efforts, Radio Liberty journalists in Russia are returning to work for U.S. international broadcasting and for media freedom in their country. Many other positive changes and reforms happened that would not have been possible without this forum.
But there is much more to be done to protect free media outreach to countries without free media from the bureaucratic push to centralize control over journalists and to eliminate their programs to pay for the ever growing bureacracy.
We will continue to call attention to the lack of news delivery strategy on the part of the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB). With the support from media freedom NGOs, we will work with the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) and members of Congress on reforming U.S. international broadcasting.
We will continue to defend your programs and your independence. You are one of the most effective media freedom and national security assets the United States has.
United States international broadcasting journalists and program-support USIB employees are indispensable, not only for media freedom abroad but also for America.
Thank you for visiting our website.