BBG Governor Victor Ashe said Office of Cuba Broadcasting should ban smoking on its premises due to health and safety issues


BBG member Victor Ashe

Victor Ashe

“The recent fire started in the outside smoking area adjacent to the main building. The smoking area has now been moved to the ares in the front next to the guard house. It should be removed all together,” Ashe said.  “It is a serious health issue and also now a safety issue.  We should offer non smoking programs to those employees who wish to transition from smoking to non smoking.”
“The taxpayers and the Board needs a full report on the cost of the fire, how much insurance will cover and how much taxpayers will have to cover and the full extend of damage.  That was not available at the april 24 meeting and I have asked OCB director Carlos Garcia to provide this information to us.” Ashe added.
“I also asked that the board be given a report on the OCB lawsuit which is many years old and continues to risk financial costs to the taxpayer.  We should at least determine if a settlement is possible,” Ashe added.
Ashe added he “was deeply concerned about the failure to record the April 24 BBG adjourned Board meeting. It was most unfortunate and I really do not know what the facts are behind this.  However, for an agency whose mission is transparency and the full news, we should apply those standards to ourselves. It is rare that we discuss matters which should be confidential.  I favor openness and am glad many of my colleagues share this view,” he added.