Fired Radio Liberty journalists feel hurt and anger, blame Steven Korn and Michael Lynton


Just Asking Commentary
This was contributed by an anonymous RFE/RL journalist.
I come up with my own nickname for Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) President, I call him Potem-Korn, named after the famous Russian Prince who legend says hid poverty from Tsarina Ekaterina the Great in the late 18th century. Similar to how President Potem-Korn presents all things at RFE/RL as being great. “Journalists in Moscow were treated with much respect, and they were happy with losing their jobs with fair severance.” Reality is much different, fired employees feel hurt and anger, especially since no good explanation has come to them as to why they cannot continue the work they love.
Like Prince Grigory before him, Potem-Korn has a willing accomplice in Tsar Lynton the Terrible, who believes willingly all that is said, diregarding all evidence to the contrary. To him Potem-Korn speaks truth, and all former Radio Liberty journalists, audience and concerned Russian politicians are liars. He and rest of the BBG should feel shame at ignoring great contributions of these courageous colleagues. And they should explain to our audience why they cannot get news and information they come to rely on.
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