Broadcasting Board of Governors Should Show Some Humanity


Guest Commentary by Edite Lynch. Ms. Lynch lives in Canada. Her parents were refugees from totalitarianism.
Show Humanity
For decades America and America’s people, her virtues, her values, her free market economy, her many freedoms provided direction, focus and a bright light to those living behind the Iron Curtain or under other intolerable dictatorships. It appealed to their humanity and VOA gave them that sense of humanity that they did not receive under their own systems of government.
To stop any of these VOA programs would be similar to pulling the rug right out from under them and leaving them to die from a sense of isolation, despair that no cares about their lives, and their humanity will cease to exist for them and why would the BBG do such a thing to millions who rely on American compassion, empathy and sympathy for those less fortunate.
It would be an intrinsically evil act to suddenly stop these broadcasts and one’s question that continues to reverberate constantly is why. Why is America, the BBG and its Board members considering such an insidiously painful course of action to be done to people who did nothing to deserve this kind of treatment and why is the BBG considering this kind of disdain for their humanity, in Tibet, in China or anywhere else America’s freedom needs to shine brightly.
The question why cannot be quietly dispensed with well, the internet is a useful tool, when the BBG knows full well the internet is doctored, monitored or censored. So the real question remains……………why? Why the inhumanity to man?