Count on BBG to cut programs if there will be a crisis


Shortly before which wars/uprisings/major crises did BBG executives proposed or implemented broadcasting cuts to the affected countries.
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The Jasmine Revolution in China, 2011
Russia’s invasion of the Republic of Georgia, 2008
Uprising in Tibet, 2008
Andijan massacre in Uzbekistan, 2005
Terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, 2008
Victory of pro-Putin Candidate for President of Ukraine, 2010
None of the Above. BBG executives are highly competent and are experts in foreign affairs.
All of the above. OK, they are not very smart, but their proposals for future cuts in broadcasting can be used to predict new international crises.
Hint: A U.S. Senator describes the BBG as lacking both transparency and accountibility and calls it “the most worthless organization” in the federal bureaucracy.