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Ukraine – Death threats against website journalist echo Georgiy Gongadze murder

Reporters Without Borders is deeply shocked by the scarcely veiled death threats against independent journalist Serhiy Lechenko that were expressed by Vyacheslav Pikhovshek, a PR consultant who supports President Viktor Yanukovych, in an opinion piece published in the pro-government newspaper Izvestiya v Ukrayine . Lechenko is an influential journalist who often writes about corruption for Ukrayinska Pravda , a news website founded by Georgiy Gongadze , an outspoken reporter who was murdered in September 2000 . In his article, published on 26 January, Pikhovshek claimed to be “concerned” about Lechenko’s fate, likening his position to Gongadze’s in 2000 and suggesting that he was best-placed to be the next journalist murdered in Ukraine.

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Letter to the President of Ukraine Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych

Human Rights Watch (HRW) - Dear President Yanukovych, We write to express our deep concern regarding ongoing harassment by state prosecutors and law enforcement targeting

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