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Lyudmila Alexeeva: Saving Radio Liberty in Russia Should Have Been Done The Day Before Yesterday

BBG Watch Commentary Supporters of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), including a preeminent Russian human rights leader Lyudmila Alexeeva, are becoming more and more frustrated by the slow pace of addressing the management crisis at the U.S. taxpayer-funded broadcaster. While …

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U.S. public diplomacy chief Tara Sonenshine to visit the disappearing Voice of America

[caption id="attachment_14296" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Tara Sonenshine"][/caption] The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) and International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) executives who have embarrassed the Obama Administration by their decision to

State's Lynne Weil to head Broadcasting Board of Governors large PR department

As Voice of America (VOA) broadcasting services are being eliminated, the number of highly paid Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) executives, who order these cuts, keeps growing,


Reagan is Out, Obama is In – U.S. Embassies in Central and Eastern Europe Ignore 100 Anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s Birthday, Truckee, CA, February 08, 2011 -- One would think that the centennial of Ronald Reagan's birthday could be a perfect public diplomacy theme for


Why U.S. Public Diplomacy No Longer Works and Can It Be Fixed?

Update: restored Ted Lipien's comment., Truckee, California, December 27, 2010 — On the day the U.S. Senate voted to approve the new arms reduction treaty

Leaked U.S. Embassy Warsaw Cables – Obama to the Poles: Have some Patriot missiles that don’t work to protect you from Russia

Obama to the Poles: Have some Patriot missiles that don’t work to protect you from Russia


Opinia.US Truckee, CA, December 6, 2010 — The Guardian newspaper in the

Media Disinformation Influenced U.S. Diplomatic Report from Russia

Update: The White House announced that President Obama will meet with Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski in Washington on Wednesday, December 8. Opinia.US reported that President Komorowski’s


Leaked State Department Cables on Obama’s Sept. 17 Missile Defense Announcement Reveal His and Secretary Gates’ Views on Russia

Opinia.US Truckee, CA, November 29, 2010 -- Leaked secret State Department cables may help to resolve the mystery as to why President Obama chose September 17, 2009

Attacks on Russian journalists exemplify ’systematic and relentless’ assault on media freedom

Democracy Digest from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED): The Obama administration has called on Russian authorities to punish the perpetrators of the “heinous” assault on Kommersant


Baltic-American Freedom Foundation Begins Operations | U.S. State Department |

The governments of the United States, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania announce the start of the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation, a program to strengthen U.S.-Baltic ties through educational and exchange


Ambassador Kelly on Death of Belarusian Journalist Oleg Bebenin | U.S. State Department –

Ambassador Ian Kelly, U.S. representative to the Permanent Council of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, makes a statement on the death of Belarusian journalist Oleg


U.S. Leaders Condemn Intolerance: America Not Built on Hate | U.S. State Department –

Senior U.S. officials and dozens of prominent religious leaders condemn intolerance of Islam and a planned act of desecration of the Quran by a Florida church as not

The culture of U.S diplomatic service failed to stop the terrorist attack, SAN FRANCISCO — One group of U.S. Government employees that has not received much media scrutiny in the aftermath of the failed terrorist attack

Library of Congress Puts Thousands of Historic Books Online

Nearly 60,000 books prized by historians, writers and genealogists, many too old and fragile to be safely handled, have been digitally scanned as part of the first mass

Russia: Drop Criminal Libel Charges Against Activist

(Moscow) - Russian authorities should immediately drop criminal libel charges against Oleg Orlov, the prominent activist who heads Memorial Human Rights Center, Human Rights Watch said today. The

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