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Radio Free Europe or Radio Free Putin?

Did BBG End U.S. Surrogate Broadcasting in Russia on Radio Liberty in an Attempt to Appease Mr. Putin and Pursue Its Marketing Strategy? & Free Media Online Blog, December 30, 2008, San Francisco – has been reporting in recent …

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Broadcasting Board of Governors Shows Bipartisan Unity in Jamming Voice of America Radio in Russia & Free Media Online Blog September 19, 2008, San Francisco -- Both Republicans and Democrats

Reduce U.S. Radio To Tibet But Show A Picture of Buddhist Monks — A Tale of One Incredible Government Agency and Its New Website

A New Website Hides a Tale of Fewer Radio Programs to Tibet, China, Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine &

U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors Tired to Hire Paula Zahn As Their Public Relations Guru While Cutting Radio Programs to Countries Without Free Media & Free Media Online Blog, September 8, 2008, San Francisco -- Perhaps Paula

Broadcasting Board of Governors Says Voice of America Radio to Georgia Will Continue for Now, But Underlying Message to VOA Georgian Broadcasters: Keep Looking for Another Job, August 20, 2008, San Francisco -- Listen to the last Voice of America radio broadcast to Russia The Broadcasting Board of Governors

Save Voice of America Radio to Georgia and Russia Press Release, August 19, 2008, San Francisco -- In this post you will find links

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