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Outstanding reporting on Chen Guangcheng’s story by RFA and VOA is unnoticed by Broadcasting Board of Governors

The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) executives and public relations specialists should be letting everyone know about outstanding reporting by Radio Free Asia (RFA) and the Voice of America (VOA) on the plight of Chinese blind activist Chen Guangcheng, but …

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BBG 's PR gurus come and go quickly, wrong strategy remains

Al Kamen reported in his Washington Post In the Loop column that longtime State Department employee Diane Zeleny, who several

Broadcasting Board of Governors Tried to Hire John Cochran for a Public Relations Job While Cutting Voice of America Radio to Russia & Free Media Online Blog September 30, 2008, San Francisco -- Sources say that

U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors Tired to Hire Paula Zahn As Their Public Relations Guru While Cutting Radio Programs to Countries Without Free Media & Free Media Online Blog, September 8, 2008, San Francisco -- Perhaps Paula

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