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Americans! U.S. Government Supports Dictatorship in Russia, Says Protester Against Mass Dismissal of Radio Liberty Journalists

BBG Watch Commentary Several individual Russian protesters appeared Wednesday near the U.S. Embassy in Moscow with signs condemning the mass firing of Radio Liberty (Radio Svoboda) journalists and cancellation of many of the U.S. government-funded station’s human rights programs. A …

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CUSIB Joins the Rally Cry for Radio Liberty Supporters

[caption id="attachment_17011" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Kirill Filimonov protesting at U.S. Embassy Moscow"][/caption] Reposted from CUSIB website. October 10, 2012 For Immediate Release CUSIB Joins the Rally Cry for Radio Liberty Supporters

Euronews Video on Moscow protest over Radio Liberty staff cuts

[caption id="attachment_17031" align="aligncenter" width="620" caption="Click on the image to view Euronews Video from Radio Liberty Moscow Protest"][/caption] See Euronews Video:

Demonstration at U.S. Embassy Moscow Against Firing of Journalists and Silencing of Radio Liberty

BBG Watch Commentary [caption id="attachment_17012" align="aligncenter" width="470" caption="Kirill Filimonov Detained by Police at U.S. Embassy Moscow"][/caption] A young Russian journalism student Kirill Filimonov, protesting against U.S. decision to stifle

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