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NED grantee may be forced to quit Chechnya

The head of one of Russia’s leading human rights groups has announced that it may be forced to end its operations in Chechnya after President Ramzan Kadyrov threatened its employees. Oleg Orlov the head of Memorial, fears that the group may be forced to leave after Kadyrov called its employees “enemies of the people, enemies of

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US supporting – not exporting – democracy in Russia, says Obama

Democracy Digest from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED): Democracy remains on the US-Russian agenda, President Barack Obama said today. But it is best advanced through the

A community of democracies? Think again

Democracy Digest from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED): Turkey and Brazil may be democracies, but that does not translate into support for US policies, for globalization

Kyrgyzstan: US can seize moral high ground

Democracy Digest from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED): The United States has a strategic interest in promoting democracy in Kyrgyzstan, writes Kathleen Collins. The recent uprising

Russia: Act on Findings Implicating Chechnya Leader

Human Rights Watch (HRW) - (New York) - The Russian government should closely examine evidence gathered by the Austrian government which indicates the president of Chechnya,

TVi urges president to address pressures exerted on channel

International Freedom of Expression eXchange: In an open letter to President Victor Yanukovich, TVi journalists expressed concern that the Security Service of Ukraine is backing the personal

Why Kyrgyz Citizens Turned…

Democracy Digest from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED): Kyrgyzstan’s former President Kurmanbek Bakiev was never really committed to democracy, says Bakyt Beshimov, a former opposition MP.

CPJ asks Obama to raise poor press record with Kazakhstan

International Freedom of Expression eXchange: On 12 April 2010, US President Obama will be meeting in Washington with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

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Press freedom deteriorating despite promises of democracy, says CPJ

International Freedom of Expression eXchange: On the fifth anniversary of the revolution that brought President Bakiyev to power on the promise of democratic reform, CPJ expresses alarm

Amendments to legislation restricting media activity adopted

International Freedom of Expression eXchange: NGOs and media outlets have issued statements denouncing the changes and appealed to the president to withdraw them.

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Press seizure underscores concerns about government’s commitment to freedom

International Freedom of Expression eXchange: An Almaty court ordered the seizure of five newspapers' print runs and issued an order banning reports "damaging the honor and integrity"

WPFC award honours President of Glasnost Defense Foundation

International Freedom of Expression eXchange: The World Press Freedom Committee (WPFC) honoured Alexei Simonov, President of the Glasnost Defense Foundation (GDF), with its 2009 Dana Bullen Press Freedom

America’s New Partnership with Central Europe

Atlantic Council - In his remarks in Bucharest, the U.S. Vice President Biden celebrated the democratic and economic development of Central and Eastern Europe since the fall of

Russia: Drop Criminal Libel Charges Against Activist

(Moscow) - Russian authorities should immediately drop criminal libel charges against Oleg Orlov, the prominent activist who heads Memorial Human Rights Center, Human Rights Watch said today. The

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