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BBG Governor Victor Ashe said Office of Cuba Broadcasting should ban smoking on its premises due to health and safety issues

“The recent fire started in the outside smoking area adjacent to the main building. The smoking area has now been moved to the ares in the front next to the guard house. It should be removed all together,” Ashe said.  …

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Michael Lynton misses another Broadcasting Board of Governors meeting, makes agency ungovernable

BBG Watch Commentary [caption id="attachment_21917" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="BBG Board, Apr. 2013. Image shows four vacancies."][/caption] Sources at the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) report that BBG's Interim Presiding Governor

Fire at Radio and TV Marti in Miami, programs to Cuba continue

According to reports, a fire broke out outside the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB) Radio and TV Marti building in Miami near a designated smoking area. It

Beyond BBG press release: Comments from AFGE 1812′s Tim Shamble, CUSIB’s Ann Noonan

BBG Watch Commentary

"Mindful of the damage to RFE/RL’s reputation in Russia caused by the previous RFE/RL management, CUSIB remains aggrieved that dozens of courageous journalists who were fired

Generous bonuses for poorly performing SES executives at Broadcasting Board of Governors draw criticism

BBG Watch Commentary A list of cash bonuses given to the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB), the Voice of America (VOA), and the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB) employees

U.S. court rules a contract employee can bring claims of discrimination against Broadcasting Board of Governors

BBG Watch Commentary In yet another defeat for the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) General Counsel (GC) Office, the federal District Court for the District of Columbia ruled

BBG executives and lawyers refuse to settle discrimination cases they know they will lose

BBG Watch Commentary The union representing the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) employees, AFGE Local 1812, has been pointing out again and again that BBG executives and lawyers

Growing consensus that failed Broadcasting Board of Governors executives should leave

BBG Watch Commentary

"That is why we call yet again on Congress to exercise its overview functions to get to the bottom of what is truly happening in U.S.

BBG union president says Voice of America and surrogate broadcasters have different missions

In a letter to The Washington Post, Tim Shamble, president of the AFGE Local 1812 union representing the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) employees, argued that the

OCB and IBB executives show contempt for employees and law, face criticism from Victor Ashe

BBG Watch Commentary Cheered on by the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) executive staff, the current administration of the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB) has exhibited no intention to

Single CEO for U.S. International Broadcasting expected in Obama's FY2014 budget proposal

BBG Watch Commentary [caption id="attachment_20110" align="alignnone" width="560" caption="BBG Organizational Chart shows 16 offices under IBB, BBG's bureaucracy center."][/caption] Sources told BBG Watch that President Obama's FY2014 budget proposal is

Democratic and Republican Congressmen are concerned with BBG’s practice of replacing federal employees with contractors

[caption id="attachment_17682" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Letter to IBB Director Richard Lobo from Rep. G.K. Butterfield and Rep. Walter B. Jones"][/caption] Two U.S. Congressmen from North Carolina, Democrat

Was damage to Radio Liberty intentional?

This BBG Watch Commentary was written by an anonymous employee. How long until the Governors at the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) realize the damage that has been

Broadcasting Board of Governors officials rebuked on illegal firings of employees, likely to waste millions on further appeals

The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) rejected all of the Broadcasting Board of Governors' (BBG) exceptions to Arbitrator Suzanne R. Butler's decision in the Office of Cuba Broadcasting

Broadcasting Board of Governors staff issues a gag order on Gallup contract, BBG employee union points out

A commentary has been posted on the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) employee union AFGE Local 1812 website which deals with attempts by the BBG senior executive

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