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U.S Ambassador to Moscow John Beyrle Interviewed by the Voice of Russia & Free Media Online Blog, March 16, 2009, San Francisco — U.S. Ambassador to Moscow John Beyrle was interviewed on the Voice of Russia, the Russian state radio broadcaster. The interview was also aired on Radio Mayak, Vesti FM and Vesti-24 TV As announced …

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«Смелая женщина» U.S. State Department: 2009 International Women of Courage Awards


 ГоворитАмерика.us - Всесторонний Анализ Новостей из США - U.S.-Russia Multisource News Analysis &

Human Rights Watch: Russia – Investigate Threats to Civic Group & Free Media Online Blog, February 26, 2009, San Francisco --

(New York)

U.S. State Department: 2008 Human Rights Report – Russia & Free Media Online Blog, February 26, 2009, San Francisco -- International observers

The Pause That Refreshes: Some Thoughts on Obama and Public Diplomacy & Free Media Online Blog, February 12, 2009, San Francisco -- Persons interested in foreign

Hillary Clinton: Telling America’s Story Largely the Task of the Voice of America, But the Bush Administration Leaves VOA Barely Surviving & Free Media Online Blog Commentary by

With Hillary Clinton’s Arrival at State, Public Diplomacy 2.0 Video Contest Gets Less Exposure & Free Media Online Blog, January 23, 2009, San Francisco -- In a move that

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