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Why Russia’s democrats need West’s support — NED

Konstantin Fetisov (right) was badly beaten for his campaign against the construction of an $8 billion Moscow-St. Petersburg highway that will destroy large swathes of the Khimki forest. His recent meeting with Michael Posner and Thomas Melia from the US State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor illustrates why Russian democrats need Western support, writes Michael Bohm in The Moscow Times

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US ‘must do more’ to promote Russian democracy — NED

Democracy Digest from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED): The Obama administration has pursued “a robust strategy for supporting democratic change and civil society development in Russia,”


Secretary Clinton: U.S. is losing the information war

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton --

So we are in an information war. And we are losing that war. I'll be very blunt in my assessment. Al-Jazeera is


Beatification of John Paul II was a low priority public diplomacy event for President Obama, Truckee, California, USA, May 01, 2011 — In a public diplomacy blunder likely to offend American Catholics, Polish-American voters and people in Poland, the Obama


Leaked State Department Cables on Obama’s Sept. 17 Missile Defense Announcement Reveal His and Secretary Gates’ Views on Russia

Opinia.US Truckee, CA, November 29, 2010 -- Leaked secret State Department cables may help to resolve the mystery as to why President Obama chose September 17, 2009


French and U.S. Diplomats Warned Obama Administration About Concessions to Russia on Missile Defense Truckee, CA, USA, November 28, 2010 -- Classified and secret U.S. State Department cables released by Wikileaks show  French government


Baltic-American Freedom Foundation Begins Operations | U.S. State Department |

The governments of the United States, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania announce the start of the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation, a program to strengthen U.S.-Baltic ties through educational and exchange


Ambassador Kelly on Death of Belarusian Journalist Oleg Bebenin | U.S. State Department –

Ambassador Ian Kelly, U.S. representative to the Permanent Council of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, makes a statement on the death of Belarusian journalist Oleg


U.S. Leaders Condemn Intolerance: America Not Built on Hate | U.S. State Department –

Senior U.S. officials and dozens of prominent religious leaders condemn intolerance of Islam and a planned act of desecration of the Quran by a Florida church as not

The culture of U.S diplomatic service failed to stop the terrorist attack, SAN FRANCISCO — One group of U.S. Government employees that has not received much media scrutiny in the aftermath of the failed terrorist attack

Library of Congress Puts Thousands of Historic Books Online

Nearly 60,000 books prized by historians, writers and genealogists, many too old and fragile to be safely handled, have been digitally scanned as part of the first mass

U.S. Embassy blames diplomatic gaffe on a Polish translator, SAN FRANCISCO — Bill Clinton might have asked what the “enhanced” definition of  ”to enhance” IS?  The U.S. Embassy in Warsaw is busy blaming a


More diplomatic confusion between U.S. and Poland

Opinia.US SAN FRANCISCO — U.S. media has not yet picked up on the latest diplomatic controversy between Poland and the U.S. But the public disagreement between president Obama’s

Opinia.US: Little on the White House Blog about Biden in Poland

Opinia.US SAN FRANCISCO — The White House Blog had nothing specific about Vice President Biden’s visit to Poland. Biden’s national security advisor Tony Blinken wrote a general

Clinton on Third Anniversary of Death of Anna Politkovskaya

Comment by Free Media Online, Secretary of State Clinton's statement on the third anniversary of the murder of Anna Politkovskaya is a positive step on

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