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Józef Światło, Radio Free Europe and Balloons | Richard H Cummings | Truckee, CA, USA, October 01, 2010 — For those interested in the history of U.S. international broadcasting, Richard H Cummings, author of Cold War Radio: The Dangerous History of American Broadcasting in Europe, 1950-1989 and the soon-to-be published Radio …

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The Dangerous World of Cold War Broadcasting | Richard H Cummings | Truckee, CA, USA, October 01, 2010 -- Murders of journalists by intelligence services of dictatorial regimes and other enemies of free


Radio Hole-in-the-Head: Radio Liberty: An Insider’s Story of Cold War Broadcasting by James Critchlow

While surrogate broadcasting was effective during the Cold War, even then it faced some serious problems, which BBG [The Broadcasting Board of Governors, a controversial


Ted Lipien’s Book Reveals Cold War Media Manipulation

  Ted Lipien was formerly acting VOA associate director and helped to place BBG-funded radio and TV programs on stations in Russia, Ukraine,

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