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Freedom House Releases Report: "Promise and Reversal: The Post-Soviet Landscape Twenty Years On"

Freedom House today launched a web feature presenting its latest special report, ‘Promise and Reversal: The Post-Soviet Landscape Twenty Years On,’ to mark the 20th anniversary of the failed Soviet coup of August 19, 1991. The feature includes a retrospective essay examining changes in the state of political rights and civil liberties in the former Soviet Union over the last two decades, as well as graphs and rankings that illustrate the region’s performance in the annual Freedom House publications Freedom in the World and Freedom of the Press.

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Attacks on the Press 2010: Kyrgyzstan

Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) -

Top Developments
• Bakiyev censors news media in a failed attempt to hold power.
• Amid ethnic clashes, Uzbek


Statement on Kyrgyzstan at the Human Rights Council | Human Rights Watch (HRW)

Human Rights Watch (HRW) - See the rest here: Statement on Kyrgyzstan at the Human


CPJ asks Kyrgyz president to ensure fair trial of reporters | Committee to Protect Journalists

Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) - Dear President Otunbayeva: The Committee to Protect Journalists is writing to call your attention to the politicized prosecution of independent journalist

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