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Advice to IBB Director Richard Lobo on How to Improve Employee Morale

The International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) Director Richard M. Lobo operates as an extension of the Broadcasting Board of Governors in its oversight of U.S. international broadcasting. His agency was rated as the worst-managed among federal agencies of similar size in …

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Obama, Clinton, Dalai Lama, Aung San Suu Kyi congratulate VOA on 70th anniversary amid severe cuts

[caption id="attachment_13781" align="aligncenter" width="435" caption="Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama congratulates the Voice of America (VOA) on its 70th anniversary, but the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) and the

Moral principles need to guide U.S. international broadcasting

by Ted Lipien I strongly urge the Broadcasting Board of Governors to reverse cuts to Voice of America Tibetan, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Burmese, and Lao broadcasting services. These

Public Law 101-246 establishing the Voice of America Tibetan Service

The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), a federal agency which manages U.S. overseas news and information programs, wants to abolish the Voice of America Tibetan Radio Service

Director Lobo, who's minding the store?

[caption id="attachment_12279" align="alignleft" width="75" caption="IBB Director Richard Lobo"][/caption] Having kept in place (true: some even got promoted) the worst management team (true) in the federal government, you would

Voice of America during the martial law in Poland

Radio of the Martial Law republished from Thirty years ago, on December

Alan Heil remembers Senator Charles Percy, co-sponsor of the VOA Charter

SENATOR CHARLES H. PERCY, 1919-2011 by Alan Heil Senator Percy passed away September 17 at the Washington Home in the District of Columbia after a long battle with Alzheimer’s


LIPIEN: Remembering a Polish-American patriot

The Washington Times has published Ted Lipien's article about Zofia Korbonska, an anti-Nazi and anti-Communist resister and a Voice of America Polish Service journalist who had passed away

America's Silenced Voice Abroad – A Journalist Remembers the Broadcasting Board of Governors Early Moves to Outsource Voice of America International Programs to Private Contractors

Miro Dobrovodsky passed away on July 23, 2009. & Free Media Online Blog Commentary by

thanks for listening2

Thanks for Listening by Patricia Gates Lynch

Contrary to what BBG [The Broadcasting Board of Governors, a controversial Federal agency in charge of US international broadcasts] members believe, including its most recent chairman

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