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Journalists attacked while covering protests in Kiev

A video report by a Euronews cameraman shows him being attacked by police during clashes in Kiev. (YouTube/Euronews) New York, December 2, 2013–At least 51 journalists were attacked while covering protests in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev and other cities over the weekend, according to news reports and local journalists.

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Moscow court revokes news agency’s license

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New York, October 31, 2013--The Committee to Protect Journalists is alarmed by a decision by the Moscow City Court today to

Blog: The New York Times takes on China’s censors – CPJ

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Well, that didn't take long. Just days after The New York Times' soft launch of its Chinese-language edition and accompanying microblog accounts,

China blocks Bloomberg for political report – CPJ

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New York, June 29, 2012--Chinese censors should unblock the website of the Bloomberg news agency, which became inaccessible today following a story on

CPJ Blog: Chinese microblog regulates, suspends users–again

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Pity those of us who monitor the ups and downs of China's popular microblog platform, Sina Weibo. For every story its

10 Most Censored Countries

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CPJ's new analysis identifies Eritrea, North Korea, Syria, Iran as worst

Originally posted here: 10 Most

Blog: Blind lawyer spurs news blackout in China – CPJ

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News of blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng has been censored for months. International news reports of his escape last week

Chinese Internet crackdown on Bo Xilai rumors continues

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New York, April 13, 2012--Chinese authorities should halt their censorship of Web content in the aftermath of senior politician Bo Xilai's dismissal, the

Getting Away With Murder

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CPJ’s 2012 Impunity Index spotlights countries
where journalists are slain and killers go free


Blog: ‘Invisible Tibet’ blogger elicits China’s extra-judicial ire

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Beijing-based blogger Woeser reported on her website Invisible Tibet today that she has been confined to her residence by Beijing

Attacks on the Press in 2011: Preface

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Technology has democratized news publishing, rattling regimes that see their survival dependent on control of information. Video footage of repression from

Attacks on the Press in 2011

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Trade and the Internet are turning us into global citizens, but the news we need to ensure accountability is often stopped

Attacks on the Press in 2011: Profiles in Freedom

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How does one negotiate the choice to stay and report potentially dangerous news, rather than take a less risky assignment, leave

Attacks on the Press in 2011: Fighting Impunity

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The global rate of unpunished murders remains stubbornly high at just below 90 percent. Senior officials in the most dangerous countries

Attacks on the Press in 2011: Regulating the Internet

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Legislation for Internet security can quickly turn into a weapon against the free press. Cybercrime laws are intended to extend existing

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