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Ann Noonan and Ted Lipien at BBG Miami Meeting, June 20, 2014

The Man Behind the Anonymous Critiques of U.S. International Broadcasting, reports

Government Executive, website, has published a profile of BBG Watch and one of its original co-sponsors and supporters, journalist and author Ted Lipien. READ: The Man Behind the Anonymous Critiques of U.S. International Broadcasting, Charles S. Clark, Government Executive, …

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Voice of America continues one-sided coverage of U.S.-Russian relations, Truckee, California, December 28, 2010 — I wrote earlier about unbalanced coverage by the Voice of America English Service of the START treaty debate


Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Speech (in Polish) at VOA Broadcaster Zofia Korbonska’s Funeral, Truckee, CA — A funeral Mass for Zofia Korbonska, a heroine of the Polish underground resistance against Nazi occupation, participant in the Warsaw Rising of 1944,

The culture of U.S diplomatic service failed to stop the terrorist attack, SAN FRANCISCO — One group of U.S. Government employees that has not received much media scrutiny in the aftermath of the failed terrorist attack

Obama diplomacy lost in confusion, SAN FRANCISCO — Speaking softly to dictators while insulting faithful allies seems to be the essence of President Obama’s confused diplomacy. The Obama administration has


Ted Lipien’s Book Reveals Cold War Media Manipulation

  Ted Lipien was formerly acting VOA associate director and helped to place BBG-funded radio and TV programs on stations in Russia, Ukraine,

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