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Expected 4.7 percent BBG budget cut and RIFs to hit rank-and-file employees and critical programs

BBG Watch News Commentary The proposed budget cut for the entire Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) in FY 2013 is expected to be 4.7 percent and that painful RIFs (Reductions-in-Force) are unavoidable and likely to be used against rank-and-file employees, BBG Watch sources report. They are afraid that critical broadcasting and other information programs to countries without free media will be cut to protect the jobs of the International Broadcasting Bureau managers.

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New media scholar Nikolay Rudenskiy is author of ‘pro-Putin Bias in VOA’ study

Sources told BBG Watch that an independent Russian journalist who warned about a “pro-Putin” bias of the Voice of America Russian Service is new media scholar Dr. Nikolay

VOA Public Relations does a number on Lipien, 1Amendment responds

The Voice of America Office of Public Relations responded to Ted Lipien’s op-ed in The Washington Times. We post Lipien’s opening paragraph with the link to the article.

Voice of America Director Ensor’s ‘Getting It Right in Russia’ explanation misses the main point

BBG Watch Commentary Commenting on the Voice of America director David Ensor’s response to the posting of a fake interview on the VOA Russian website, one veteran VOA

Illustration by John Camejo for The Washington Times Op-Ed by Ted Lipien

Washington Times Op-Ed warns about pro-Putin bias in Voice of America Russian programs

Republished from BBG Watch.

In a Washington Times Op-Ed, a Committee for U.S. International Broadcasting member Ted Lipien warned about a pro-Putin bias in the Voice of

Victor Ashe says treatment of contract employees by BBG executives amounts to abuse of the system

In an open challenge to Broadcasting Board of Governors executives who can’t stand him, BBG member Victor Ashe told the Knoxville News Sentinel newspaper (“Victor Ashe advocates for

Will fundraising for Obama get Dick Lobo chairmanship of Broadcasting Board of Governors?

BBG Watch Commentary There have been rumors that Richard Lobo, the current director of the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB), is being considered by the White House for the

CUSIB Statement on the Resignation of BBG Chairman Walter Isaacson

The independent Committee for U.S. International Broadcasting (CUSIB), which supports media freedom abroad and was opposed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) plans to end Voice of

Voice of America hushed up mistakes by former CNN employees

BBG Watch Commentary We have reported earlier that former CNN employees, who lack experience in international broadcasting, speak no foreign languages and have poor management skills, have been

Have a backup plan: VOA Director David Ensor on satellite TV signal jamming

Voice of America (VOA) Director David Ensor has commented on the Iranian jamming of VOA satellite television signals. His is a significant post since it exposes the ability

Media freedom activist Ted Lipien warns against diminished public stake in U.S. international broadcasting

Republished from the Committee for U.S. International Broadcasting (CUSIB) website: In an article published in American Diplomacy, a quarterly electronic journal of commentary, analysis, and research on American

VOA Reporter Killed In Pakistan, BBG Watch urges BBG to do more to take care of contract and overseas-based employees

BBG Watch reporters and contributors, many of us former and current Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) employees, are shocked and saddened by the killing in Pakistan of Mukarram

BBG Plans Hit Major Rocks and Realities in VOA Central News – The Federalist

The entities – all the entities – function better as self-contained units, serving their respective missions and intended audiences. — The Federalist We could not agree more with

CUSIB’s open letter to BBG urges greater public scrutiny of U.S. international broadcasting

The Committee for U.S. International Broadcasting (CUSIB) has sent an open letter to members of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) warning against a threat of diminished public

‘Old white guys’ meet ‘cute young intern’ and First Amendment at the Broadcasting Board of Governors

A commentary by BBG Watch Cute High School Intern Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) officials have gotten so used to running their small federal agency like their own

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