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HOWL – VOA journalist’s view of management – Part Two: Reality Check

A Voice of America journalist who uses a pen name Mary Jane has posed this problem: As we stand on the precipice of collapse, crumbling and leaderless, fearing for our jobs while simultaneously wishing to be released from this torturous slow decay, a keen look at our so-called management is due. Mary Jane promised to provide that look in several installments

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Audio of VOA Director Ensor’s meeting with Newsroom staff on program cuts and RIFs

Link to audio of Voice of America Director David Ensor’s meeting on January 13, 2012 with VOA Newsroom staff on the subject of the FY 2013 Broadcasting Board

‘Has Broadcasting Board of Governors Gone Mad?’ BBG wants to cut Voice of America programs to Tibet and other…

This commentary by an anonymous Broadcasting Board of Governors’ journalist analyzes the BBG’s FY2013 budget proposal which calls for silencing Voice of America (VOA) radio broadcasts to Tibet

IBB/BBG’s proposed cuts for Voice of America: Summary of Main Points

BBG Watch is providing this information, which was obtained from several sources. While the main points are believed to be accurate, we can’t guarantee complete accuracy. Please continue

‘Civility in the Workplace’ Campaign vs. ‘Sanity in the Workplace’

From a VOA journalist: Re the below “Civility in the Workplace” Campaign: How amusing that VOA kicked off an “act nice” campaign just before the big RIF announcements.

Attrition by Fear at BBG

It is not likely that the Congress will pass President Obama’s budget with the insane Broadcasting Board of Governors’ proposal to end Voice of America radio to Tibet

Expected 4.7 percent BBG budget cut and RIFs to hit rank-and-file employees and critical programs

BBG Watch News Commentary The proposed budget cut for the entire Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) in FY 2013 is expected to be 4.7 percent and that painful

Employees don’t buy ‘computer system is to blame’ explanation for late contractor payments

Judging by the content and the tone of comments to our report, “BBG orders that contractors be paid on time by Thanksgiving,” IBB/BBG employees don’t buy the management’s

Michael Lynton, worst attendance member, becomes the BBG’s New Interim Presiding Governor

Following the departure of Chairman Walter Isaacson, the Broadcasting Board of Governors today unanimously approved BBG member Michael Lynton as its new interim presiding governor. BBG Watch reported

New media scholar Nikolay Rudenskiy is author of ‘pro-Putin Bias in VOA’ study

Sources told BBG Watch that an independent Russian journalist who warned about a “pro-Putin” bias of the Voice of America Russian Service is new media scholar Dr. Nikolay

VOA Public Relations does a number on Lipien, 1Amendment responds

The Voice of America Office of Public Relations responded to Ted Lipien’s op-ed in The Washington Times. We post Lipien’s opening paragraph with the link to the article.

Voice of America Director Ensor’s ‘Getting It Right in Russia’ explanation misses the main point

BBG Watch Commentary Commenting on the Voice of America director David Ensor’s response to the posting of a fake interview on the VOA Russian website, one veteran VOA

Illustration by John Camejo for The Washington Times Op-Ed by Ted Lipien

Washington Times Op-Ed warns about pro-Putin bias in Voice of America Russian programs

Republished from BBG Watch.

In a Washington Times Op-Ed, a Committee for U.S. International Broadcasting member Ted Lipien warned about a pro-Putin bias in the Voice of

Victor Ashe says treatment of contract employees by BBG executives amounts to abuse of the system

In an open challenge to Broadcasting Board of Governors executives who can’t stand him, BBG member Victor Ashe told the Knoxville News Sentinel newspaper (“Victor Ashe advocates for

Will fundraising for Obama get Dick Lobo chairmanship of Broadcasting Board of Governors?

BBG Watch Commentary There have been rumors that Richard Lobo, the current director of the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB), is being considered by the White House for the

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