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Russia and the West: why democracy threatens Putin

A new two-part BBC series on Russia’s democratic regression is essential viewing for anyone seeking to understand the origins and evolution of Putin’s authoritarianism.

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Iran – Regime continues to wage its war against foreign media — RSF

Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF) - Reporters Without Borders condemns the Iranian government's targeting of the BBC's Farsi-language TV station, BBC Persian.

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BBC journalist goes on trial in Tajikistan

Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) - New York, August 17, 2011--The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on Tajik prosecutors to drop the fabricated extremism charges against Urinboy

BBC to End Radio Broadcasts in Russian Русская служба Би-би-си существенно сократит количество радиопрограмм Truckee, CA, USA, January 26, 2011 -- The Russian Service of the BBC, which provides news and information to Russian-speaking audiences


Broadcasting Board of Governors Chairman makes news by calling Russia’s and China’s official media America’s ‘enemies’; former BBG member gets praise on Capitol Hill Truckee, CA, USA, October 08, 2010 -- The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) Chairman Walter Isaacson, recently placed by President


The Murder of Georgi Markov: The Mystery Remains | Richard H. Cummings, September 8, 2010 --Thirty-two years ago this week, on September 7, 1978, Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian émigré journalist, who lived and

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Has Lost Its Uniqueness Warns Former Director of Radio Liberty’s Russian Service & Free Media Online Blog, May 19, 2009, San Francisco

America’s Silenced Voice Abroad – A Journalist Remembers the Broadcasting Board of Governors Early Moves to Outsource Voice of America International Programs to Private Contractors & Free Media Online Blog Commentary by

Facing an investigation, the BBC World Service launches new radio schedule with “innovative” weekend live news program to Russia & Free Media Online Blog, March 16, 2009, San Francisco -- BBC has recently

From 10.3% to 2.5% to O.2% in Just One Year — Voice of America Audience in Russia Obliterated by a Decision of U.S. Government Officials & Free Media Online Blog, March 10, 2009, San Francisco --  According to an independent study commissioned by

Hillary Clinton: Telling America’s Story Largely the Task of the Voice of America, But the Bush Administration Leaves VOA Barely Surviving & Free Media Online Blog Commentary by

BBC Expands Both Internet and Radio Coverage in Russia As Voice of America Retreats and Free Media Online Blog October 9, 2008, San Francisco -- A little over

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