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Count on BBG to cut programs if there will be a crisis

Shortly before which wars/uprisings/major crises did BBG executives proposed or implemented broadcasting cuts to the affected countries. Please vote on website and check it for answers. The Jasmine Revolution in China, 2011 Russia’s invasion of the Republic of Georgia, …

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BBG executives struggle with history and public diplomacy

On what anniversary does the BBG want to end VOA broadcasts to China? Please vote website and visit its Hot Tub Blog to find


BBG management style

When did the BBG executives announce their decision to fire 45 VOA Chinese journalists? Chinese New Year Mao's Birthday Anniversary of the Founding of Communist China Valentine's Day None of the above. They


Washington Times Poll: 90% for keeping VOA in China

VOA is one of the few 'leaks' in the totalitarian shield the Communist Party of China tries to put around its citizens.
-- reader's comment in The Washington

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