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Coward Media

Commentary by Ted Lipien Istanbul, June 8, 2013. Protest signs on Taksim Square in Istanbul say “Coward Media.” The very few acts of vandalism during the initial days of the anti-government protests in Turkey were directed against TV vans of …

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Unique Role of U.S.-Funded Surrogate Broadcasters

BBG Watch Commentary

Unique Role of U.S.-Funded Surrogate Broadcasters

by Ted Lipien U.S. Government-funded surrogate broadcasting, which started with the formation of Radio Free Europe in the early 1950s, was

Mikhail Gorbachev’s statement on Radio Liberty and mass dismissal of RL journalists

Statement by Mikhail Gorbachev (English Translation)

Glasnost is threatened in Russia and other countries. Journalists and press are being increasingly attacked.
 Glasnost helped break the resistance of conservative reactionary top

Digital Journal Op-Ed: Former US Diplomat Criticizes Weak Language on Libya Killings

The following Digital Journal op-ed was published by former Voice of America (VOA) acting associate director Ted Lipien who serves on the board of the Committee for U.S.

Moral principles need to guide U.S. international broadcasting

by Ted Lipien I strongly urge the Broadcasting Board of Governors to reverse cuts to Voice of America Tibetan, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Burmese, and Lao broadcasting services. These


Former VOA executive advocates a multi-platform approach that includes radio and TV

In a paper published by the Public Diplomacy Council, Alan L. Heil Jr., a former deputy director of VOA, the author of

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