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Apologize if you can't help it but don't report and don't reform

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Russian Service did not report on the “fake” interview with a Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, which was posted and then withdrawn with an apology to Navalny by the Russian Service of the Voice of America. …

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'Fake' interview on Voice of America part of a bigger problem at BBG and VOA Russian Service

The posting on the Voice of America Russian website of an allegedly fake interview with a Russian anti-corruption lawyer, human rights activist, opposition leader and blogger Alexei Navalny

Voice of America English website still ignoring VOA Navalny 'alleged interview' controversy

The Voice of America English website has not reported yet on the controversy involving the posting of an interview with a Russian opposition leader

Broadcasting Board of Governor's policies blamed for fake Voice of America interview

[caption id="attachment_10408" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Snapshot of a VOA Russian Service blog under porn attack."][/caption] One can make a very good argument that going all web and eliminating Voice

Where is IBB/BBG's alpha wolf Richard Lobo?

This is a BBG Watch commentary. Lobo means wolf (Canis lupus) in Spanish. Wolf (Lobo) is a noble name. It implies strength, intelligence, and action. Richard Lobo is the

Broadcasting Board of Governors website ignored Voice of America's 70th anniversary

We could not find any reference to VOA's 70th anniversary on the official home page of the BBG website or any official statement from the Broadcasting

BBG insider's comments on

Matt Armstrong's post on his public diplomacy blog, "Discussing the BBG’s (dys)function," generated a comment from a VOA/BBG insider. There

Isaacson was an absent leader, a BBG insider's view

This comment from a BBG insider was originally published in response to Matt Armstrong's post,

Broadcasting Board of Governors member lashes out against domestic critics, calling them 'cowards'

BBG Watch Commentary We have just heard that the chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors Walter Isaacson is stepping down from his post at the BBG. He is

Old perestroika journalists need not apply – RFE/RL President Steven Korn defends his record

Old perestroika journalists need not apply - Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty President Steven Korn defends his record A BBG Watch Commentary [caption id="attachment_12406" align="alignleft" width="75" caption="Steven Korn"][/caption] We welcome

At Broadcasting Board of Governors and Radio Free Europe/Liberty – Public Diplomacy is Public Scandal at Public Expense

        Lev Roitman Trojska 181-B, 171 00 Prague 7, Czech Republic   Tel.:+420 28385 2280                                   

Director Lobo, who's minding the store?

[caption id="attachment_12279" align="alignleft" width="75" caption="IBB Director Richard Lobo"][/caption] Having kept in place (true: some even got promoted) the worst management team (true) in the federal government, you would

Kremlin attack on US envoy highlights ‘Made in America’ fixation – NED

Democracy Digest - National Endowment for Democracy: Russian state television has launched a fierce political offensive against new U.S. Ambassador Mike McFaul. The attack coincides with a prominent

Compromise is possible at a public institution but 'the devil is in the details' – BBG's Ashe on reorganization plan

In this video from January 13, 2012, Broadcasting Board of Governors senior Republican member Ambassador Victor Ashe describes some of the issues relating to public control and

'I've changed my mind' – BBG's Isaacson on reorganization

"I've changed my mind" -- Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) Chairman Walter Isaacson speaking January 13, 2012 about the BBG reorganization plan. In the battle for public control

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