How secrecy impedes effective governance

Over the past decade, my foundation has attempted to do exactly this through the Ibrahim Index of African Governance, a database of almost 90,000 data points that is available for citizens, governments, institutions and business to assess exactly how well governments are performing. Subsequently, in the past two years, I have been involved in the Open Government Partnership, an entirely new multilateral organization that focuses on exactly this politically charged issue – how to inject more transparency and accountability into national governance.

The Open Government Partnership Annual Summit took place in London this week, shortly after publication of the 2013 Aid Transparency Index, currently the only global measure of transparency in the world’s leading aid organizations.

For the first time a U.S. agency, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, ranked #1 and USAID saw significant gains. However, the aid charity Oxfam complains, “only six out of 22 US government agencies that administer foreign aid are publishing information that allows them to be included in the index.”

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How secrecy impedes effective governance

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