OpenDemocracy republishes BBG Watch commentary by former Radio Liberty journalist

Another young journalist resigns in protest from ‘new’ Radio Liberty, calls it a sinking Titanic

Former Radio Liberty journalist Anastasia Kirilenko

Online UK-based openDemocracy journal republished a BBG Watch article by Anastasia Kirilenko “The Death of Radio Liberty.”

“US-funded Radio Liberty started broadcasting to the USSR in 1953. Now Russia’s new media law has led to the mass firing of the station’s journalists and the appointment of a new editor, Masha Gessen. But she’s unlikely to find many journalists prepared to work with her, thinks Anastasia Kirilenko.”

Read openDemocracy article HERE.

Anastasia Kirilenko is a 28-year-old investigative reporter and web editor who resigned from Radio Liberty in protest against the firing of her colleagues and new editorial policies that discourage investigative reporting.

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