Helle Dale, Heritage Foundation: Support Continued Voice of America Broadcasting to China

Dr. Helle Dale, Senior Fellow for Public Diplomacy in the Douglas and Sarah Allison Center at The Heritage Foundation.

Unless Congress steps in, there is a real danger that a strategic asset of great value to the United States and to freedom-loving listeners around the world will be wasted. The battle for hearts and minds did not end with the Cold War (which broadcasting can help win, by the way). Far from it.

Helle C. Dale, Senior Fellow for Public Diplomacy at The Heritage Foundation has written a number of articles in support of continued use of radio and television by the Voice of America. In her latest article, she points out that the BBG Inspector General argued against the BBG strategy last summer: “Since access to the Internet is more easily controlled than access to shortwave radio, international radio, and satellite—broadcasts such as VOA’s remain the only dependable source of political news, especially during crises.”

How one gets from this analysis to the decision in favor of a wholesale cut in broadcasting remains a mystery, Dr. Dale observed.

Link to Support Continued Voice of America Broadcasting to China

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