- US cable reveals ill-treatment of activist

Reporters Without Borders Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF) – Cable 09CAIRO255 Egyptian-German blogger Philip Rizk was tortured in an Egyptian prison in February 2009, according to a US diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks which also reported the hounding of pro-Palestinian activists. The 11 February 2009 cable quoted his lawyer, Gamal Eid , as saying he had blindfolded and beaten as part of “physical and mental abuse” during his detention in a bid to get personal information out of him, including pass-words for his computer. Hafez Abu Seada , secretary-general of the Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights, speculated that international publicity about his arrest, along with his German nationality, had prevented the regime holding him for more than a few days (6-11 February), the cable said.

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US cable reveals ill-treatment of activist

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