U.S Ambassador to Moscow John Beyrle Interviewed by the Voice of Russia

U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Beyrle being interviewed on the Voice of Russia, the Russian state radio broadcaster

FreeMediaOnline.org Logo. FreeMediaOnline.org & Free Media Online Blog, March 16, 2009, San Francisco — U.S. Ambassador to Moscow John Beyrle was interviewed on the Voice of Russia, the Russian state radio broadcaster. The interview was also aired on Radio Mayak, Vesti FM and Vesti-24 TV

As announced by the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, “‘Moving from words to deeds’ was the theme of a wide-ranging radio interview given by Ambassador Beyrle to Russian state radio on March 12.” The U.S. Embassy website reported that the Ambassador talked about the outcome of the recent meeting between Secretary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, and the upcoming meeting between President Obama and President Medvedev.

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